Rehab and Wellness Connection—April 2015
Spotlight on your Community Occupational Therapist, Erin Timm, DPT, OTR

Physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics have a lot to offer to their communities. But did you know that some clinics offer more than just physical therapy services? In last month’s column, I discussed the role of athletic trainers. This month, I’d like to share with you the field of occupational therapy and introduce you to our community’s very own occupational therapist, Erin Timm, DPT, OTR.

Occupational therapy is a lesser-known but equally-important type of therapy. It is different from physical therapy because while physical therapy helps to rehabilitate patient’s body affected by injury and to strengthen that area, occupational therapy is more focused on life skills. Overall, an occupational therapist’s goal is to help people get back to their daily living activities in the manner that best reflects their personality, interests, and goals.

Here at Clear Lake Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists, we are very fortunate to have Erin Timm on our team. Erin, who is both a physical therapist and occupational therapist, thoroughly enjoys both aspects of her career, and is helping our clinic celebrate Occupational Therapy Month. This year’s theme, “Living Life to Its Fullest,” is a great description for what Erin helps our occupational therapy patients to achieve.

Erin enjoys the patient-centered approach of occupational therapy. Whenever she begins working with a new patient, she spends ample time getting to know the patient and what their goals are for therapy. Occupational therapy is very unique and differs from patient to patient, which is why it is important for the therapist to fully understand the patient’s goals, lifestyle, and motivators. The more information an occupational therapist has about the patient, the better they will be able to problem-solve and discover the best plan for therapy.

An occupational therapist is able to help patients of any age return to doing the activities they enjoy or be able to be able to perform their daily routine without difficulty. For example, one day Erin may work with a child to help manage their behavior, while the next she may work with a member of the geriatric population to help them get back to their daily activities after surgery, a stroke, or other medical problems. She loves the versatility of being able to help people from all different stages of life and that she gets to tailor each patient’s treatment to their individual wants and needs.

Erin is a fantastic resource for the Clear Lake community, and she is always happy to answer any questions regarding how occupational therapy can help people of any age get back to doing what they love. You can reach Erin at or 715-263-4103. We are very thankful for her talents and all that she has to offer to our community!