December 2015 – Rehab and Wellness Connection

Women's Health and Physical Therapy

The emphasis of the health sciences on fitness and wellness and aging well has brought a deeper awareness for women of today. Women are now paying much closer attention to their bodies during recreation, work, and daily activities throughout their life. Women are aging better than ever before and defying the effects of aging (physically, emotionally and mentally) due to the increase in their awareness of their personal lifestyle, increase in daily activity and "listening" to their own body.

Physical Therapists have specialized training that will benefit women with a variety of medical conditions. Every facet of a physical therapists training is used to evaluate and provide intervention for all physical therapy clients, promoting and enhancing health through the years. Specialized training is offered to physical therapists in women's health and all treatments for the female patients are designed for each individual client after a thorough evaluation; as every body is different!

From treating the adolescent girl dealing with "growing pains" to the pregnant woman dealing with a difference in her body affecting balance and posture to a post-menopausal woman wanting to delay any effects of osteoporosis, physical therapy can help ease the pain and problems associated with these and many other issues. In fact, there is research that shows physical therapy can help to alleviate the impact of surgery related to breast cancer treatments. Researchers have found that a supervised strength and conditioning regimen during the first 18 weeks of treatment helped breast cancer patients offset the deconditioning effects of chemotherapy. It also built muscle strength while increasing a feeling of general self-efficiency among patients. Physical therapists have also taken on a greater role in the early detection and successful treatment of lymphedema which is abnormal swelling of the arm and hand that may result when lymph nodes are removed or treated with radiation as part of cancer treatment.

Besides osteoporosis or injuries from falls or post-surgical rehab, other issues which women seek the professional physical therapy services may include fibromyalgia, urinary incontinence, irregular bowel patterns, pelvic pain and generalized weakness. What used to be considered "just the aging process" or something "women deal with" is now very treatable by a trained physical therapist.

If you are interested in an evaluation or want to discuss any health issues you are experiencing and learn if physical therapy might be able to help restore you to live life to your fullest, the knowledgeable, trained staff at CLEAR LAKE PHYSICAL THERAPY & REHAB SPECIALISTS is just a visit away! We will use many tools to assess your level of symptoms and create an individualized treatment plan for you and monitor your progress along the way, call Clear Lake PTRS at 715.263.4103.