February 2016 – Rehab and Wellness Connection

A Healthy Heart Through Physical Therapy

February is the month that brings us Valentine's Day and our thoughts turn to love! What should we love more than our own heart health? The impact of heart disease is significant since it affects the quality of life. The good news is that lifestyle changes can make a difference. Your physical therapist can play an important role in helping you create a life-long love affair with your own heart!

Your heart is an amazing organ that keeps beating involuntarily and powers blood circulation for your entire body! The impact of lifestyle can keep your heart beating as strong at 80 as it does at a much younger age. A sedentary lifestyle can do more harm to your heart and blood pressure and cholesterol levels and even your moods than you can even imagine. You don't have to run on a treadmill or do workouts that aren't meant for you. The key is to just keep moving! For example, whenever possible, take the stairs instead of an elevator. When shopping, park your car farther away from your destination and walk. Something that simple can make a difference. Something that is harder to do, but so important for the health of your lungs and heart - if you smoke...find a way to quit.

If you currently are under the care of a physician for heart disease, physical therapy can help you regain an active lifestyle by working on mobility issues and physical activities geared towards your individual abilities and goals. The physical therapy staff at Clear Lake Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists will work closely with your physician to create a plan that is suited just for you.

Many people are intimidated or nervous about walking into a new gym and starting a new workout routine. Physical therapy can offer a place where you can feel comfortable about going at your own pace while learning some new exercises. As physical therapists, we can help you craft a "heart healthy" exercise program - even if you have never exercised before. We are committed to helping you live a healthy lifestyle brimming with energy and mobility.

The knowledgeable, trained staff at CLEAR LAKE PHYSICAL THERAPY & REHAB SPECIALISTS is just a visit away! Don't wait, just give us a call today at Clear Lake PTRS at 715-263-4103 or stop in at 417 3rd Avenue in Clear Lake. You owe it to your heart!