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Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists of Kenosha Offers New Methods to Abolish Headaches; Jeanette De Witt, PT, MPT, LAT, ATC Attends Continuing Education to Better Meet the Needs of Our Community

Turtle Lake, Wis. (February 24, 2014) – Turtle Lake Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists (Turtle Lake PTRS) is excited to expand their services and welcome a new Physical Therapist, Deborah Cuper, DPT to the team. Deborah is excited to use her knowledge and multi-disciplinary skills to offer her community additional methods to improve injury outcomes and enhance quality of living.

Deborah holds over 7 years of experience as a physical therapist, receiving her doctorate degree from the University of North Dakota in 2007. In addition to her orthopedic and post-operative experience, she brings to Turtle Lake PTRS valuable specialty education and certification in Dry Needling, Vestibular disorders and Lymphedema. Dry Needling is a technique which applies fine needles into a trigger point (muscle knots that develop from overworked muscles or injuries), and can be especially beneficial to those who suffer from knee arthritis and back pain. Vestibular disorders affect a person’s equilibrium, creating dizziness, nausea, balance issues and vertigo. If left untreated, a person may compensate his/her posture, causing additional issues such as headaches and weariness. Lymphedema is a chronic condition where excess fluid builds up in body tissue, often following breast cancer treatment or a mastectomy. Swelling and discomfort, typically in an arm or leg, act as a result. These conditions can be managed through physical therapy and Deborah is excited to offer the region advanced treatment methods in all of these areas. She is an excellent fit with the team at Turtle Lake PTRS, sharing their passion and specialization also in orthopedic management, sports medicine and industrial rehabilitation.

Deborah has shown her commitment to her profession and her patients through her level of continued education. She enjoys working with patients of all ages to help them restore quality of living and achieve his/her goals. Her passion lies in manual therapy and she notes “I love working with patients’ one-on-one building on the human connection and touch that is involved with manual therapy. Helping patients decrease chronic pain through techniques such as manual therapy is really a driving force for me.” Deborah also believes in making treatment a teamwork approach with her patients by creating goals that meet individual desires and wants. “I like to find out what’s important to my patients to help them feel better. I love being able to celebrate with them once they meet their goals.” Deborah and her husband, Matt, are current residents of the Clear Lake area.

Emily Monson, PT, Owner and Physical Therapist at Turtle Lake PTRS, is excited to have Deborah join the team: “Debbie has been working with us on a need-basis for the last 2 years. We are all very excited to welcome her to the team full-time. Her passion to help our community and her experience will help us serve our community better than ever.” The team, along with Deborah, looks forward to offering the community additional ways to improve their quality of life.

All individuals in the state of Wisconsin have a choice in their rehabilitation care – a referral from a primary physician means any patient can choose his or her preferred therapist. Turtle Lake PTRS is a multi-site locally owned-and-operated physical and occupational therapy practice specializing in sports injuries, industrial medicine, orthopedics, vestibular and balance, and more. To learn more about these added services or to schedule an appointment, visit or call 715-986-4103.