Rehab and Wellness Connection—March 2015 Athletic Training Spotlight: Meet Your Warrior Trainer, Melissa Waytashek, MS, LAT, ATC

What do you think of when you hear “Athletic Trainer”? You probably know that an Athletic Trainer treats injured athletes, but did you know that they do much more than just that?

As part of National Athletic Training Month, I’d like to invite you to celebrate your local Athletic Trainer here in Clear Lake, Melissa Waytashek, by learning more about the services she offers residents in the community.

Residents of a small, tight-knit community often see and feel many perks. Among those benefits is a growing relationship between our local Athletic Trainer and students at local schools.

Melissa visits the Clear Lake and Clayton middle schools and high schools numerous times per week. When at the schools, she oversees sports practices and games to offer injury prevention and care services for student athletes. She is dedicated to delivering student athletes and their parents with excellent injury prevention, emergency care services, case management, and communication regarding the status of an injury.

When covering practices, games, and other events, Melissa’s main focuses include concussion management and ensuring that athletes are performing in the safest manner possible. If an injury does occur, Melissa is with the student and family every step of the way. Each school district is using ImPACT testing and SportsWare software, which is software designed to make testing results easier to track and share with coaches and parents. This is exciting news for the community because parents will have their own log in information that enables them to software to see their student’s progress. She loves being able to work not only with students in the community, but also with parents!

In addition to her involvement at local schools, Melissa also has a strong presence at local industrial workplaces in communities including Clear Lake, Turtle Lake, and Luck. Locally in Clear Lake, she is actively involved in industrial programing with Oxbo.

When she visits workplaces, Melissa develops injury prevention programs tailored to each employee’s job functions. These programs, called ergonomic assessments, help employees to remain safe at their jobs and to be able to perform them without difficulty or pain.

If an employee is injured, Melissa develops an individualized return-to-work rehabilitation program that is designed to get the employee back to work as soon and safe as possible.

Special for National Athletic Training Month, Melissa has been working with her fellow staff members at Clear Lake Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists to develop special programming for the community. This programming, offered throughout the month of March, featured wellness classes, yoga instruction, nutrition information, massage therapy, and more.

Overall, we are very thankful to have Melissa as a staff member at our physical therapy clinic and as a wellness ambassador in the community. I know that she will continue to deliver fantastic injury prevention services and industrial medicine to all members of the Clear Lake, Turtle Lake, Clayton communities. If you’d like to contact Melissa with questions or for more information, you can email her at