March 2016 – Rehab and Wellness Connection

Celebrating National Athletic Training Month

As part of National Athletic Training Month, we would like to highlight our own athletic trainer Melissa Waytashek. Many of you already know her from her work and participation at our clinic and at our community and school events. Melissa Waytashek, MS, LAT, ATC has been part of our clinical family since July 2012. We are fortunate to have her on staff at Clear Lake PTRS and as part of our community.

Athletic Trainers have always been known as the profession that works with injured athletes, but their education and treatment involvement has really grown into so much more. Today’s emphasis is really on prevention of injuries. To stress that message, this year’s theme for National Athletic Training month is “A Safer Approach to Work, Life and Sport”. Or as Mel put it, “Recognizing the athlete in each of us; whether your sport is football, golf, gardening, walking your grandkids or wanting to create a healthier lifestyle, I can help you.”

Mel has introduced innovative technology and testing for concussion management to our local schools. Through “Warrior Day”, baseline testing is performed on each student athlete prior to the start of the school year. Should any injury occur which could produce a concussion, the baseline information will allow for quicker diagnosis, better treatment plans, and safer return to play. Mel is on the sidelines of most sporting events for our local teams as well as many community-sponsored events. She is trained and equipped to provide first-responder treatment for injuries that occur during a game or event. Mel works closely with the entire medical community to provide case management and communication regarding the status of any injury.

In addition to her presence at local schools, Mel also has a strong relationship with local industrial workplaces. Her ergonomic assessments help employees to remain safe at their jobs and to be able to perform them without difficulty or pain. A recent study reported that for each $1 invested in preventive care in the workplace, employers gain up to $7 return-on-investment as work-related injuries and days lost significantly decrease.

In our clinical setting Mel works with patients to assess and treat any injury. She then can create an individualized plan of care to help them return to their respective level of performance. Mel also works to create personal wellness plans for patients with medical needs ranging from weight loss goals to heart health.

Take our quick assessment quiz:

  1. Have you ever experienced the following symptoms: sensitivity to light/noise, headache, increased tiredness, balance issues, just don’t feel right, irritability, difficulty concentrating or remembering and/or visual problems after a fall, accident, or hitting your head?
  2. Have you ever been hit in the head, hit your head on something, took a hard fall or experienced whip-lash?
  3. Have you ever returned to work or exercise after the above question, and experienced a worsening in symptoms?
  4. Have you ever experienced the symptoms in question 1 for more than 2 weeks and/or still experience these symptoms today?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be experiencing symptoms consistent with a concussion and we highly recommend contacting CLEAR LAKE PHYSICAL THERAPY & REHAB SPECIALISTS for a free consultation with one of our concussion specialists and meet Mel in person!

Give us a call today at 715.263.4103 or stop in at 417 3rd Avenue in Clear Lake.