Now Offering Massage Therapy Services!

Alicia Bruder

Alicia Bruder, Licensed Massage Therapist received her training from WITC-Rice Lake in 2013. She is an active and loyal member of ABMP (Associated Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals). Driven by her passion for mind and body wellness, she pursued operating her own massage therapy practice and is pleased for the opportunity to combining with Turtle Lake Physical therapy and Rehab Specialists. Alicia is dedicated to continuing education, early symptom intervention and a client focused mindset.


Alicia approaches each massage with the intention of meeting and surpassing the goals of her clients. Are you in a career that demands long hours at a desk, creating tightly pinched muscles? Are you in a field that causes wear and tear on your body? Are you a parent who is going from one activity to the next, and simply needs a relaxing hour to themselves? Are you a retiree - active or not - who seeks to maintain and enhance their health naturally? An expectant mother needing safe rejuvenation? What about an athlete who needs just a little more of an edge? All of these scenarios can greatly benefit from several massage techniques and modalities. Therapeutic massage benefits any age. Whether you are seeking gentle or firm massage, Alicia will discuss with you what techniques will be best suited to meet your expectations.



  • 90 Minute Massage$95
  • 60 Minute Massage$65
  • 30 Minute Massage$45

What to Expect

Alicia welcomes you with a friendly greeting and a thank you! You will fill out a health intake form where it is very important to describe any health issues you are experiencing, or have had occur in the past, as massage may be contraindicated. A personalized routine will be developed for your individual needs. Next, you will be guided into the massage room where you will privately undress, and get on the warm massage table, which will be draped with fresh linens. Alicia will knock on the door to be sure you are ready before entering the room. As you relax into your massage, you can expect long gliding strokes, muscle kneading, and muscle compression to promote wellness within the body and relieve the tension and adhesive characteristics within the musculoskeletal tissues. Range of motion and specific manual treatment techniques will be incorporated for certain pain management. It is critical for your satisfaction to communicate with Alicia throughout the massage regarding your comfort with the applied pressure. After your massage is complete, take your time getting up from the table. The follow up with Alicia post massage is your opportunity to discuss the improvements you feel and the plan for your next visit.