Rehab and Wellness Connection—May 2015
Little-Known Facts about Physical Therapy

From post-surgical rehabilitation, to treating conditions such as tendonitis, to designing individualized wellness plans, physical therapy is a very diverse field and an excellent treatment option for many different rehabilitation and wellness initiatives.

Still, many people are unaware that they have the right to choose the clinic from where they receive treatment, and that they do not have to receive treatment from the same clinic where they see their physician. As a result, patients can receive treatment from the providers with whom they feel most comfortable and in the location most convenient to them.

Even more convenient, potential patients have the right to seek treatment from a physical therapy clinic without a referral note from a doctor. This is called “direct access,” and anyone can benefit from it! Direct access allows patients to consult with and receive a diagnosis directly from a physical therapist, which results in more immediate care and less time and money spent. We live in a state that values and supports cost containment and ease of doing business, and we should take advantage of these freedoms we are given.

At Clear Lake Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists, we want to be your choice for musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Injuries can happen at any time, which is why the ability for direct access is so beneficial to you, a potential patient. Our clinic offers services beyond solely the realm of physical therapy; we also offer occupational therapy, athletic training and sports medicine, and massage therapy.

Spring is the perfect time to start fresh and renew your personal wellness initiative. To help you do this, our clinics offer various activities such as Vinyasa yoga classes in Turtle Lake on Monday evenings, and two fitness classes of varying levels in Clear Lake under the direction of Rebekah Bjelland and Kristi Niles, respectively. These offerings, along with our “Couch-to-5K” initiative, can help those of all fitness levels to prepare for the “Fastbreak 5K” in June, which will donate all proceeds to the Clear Lake school district’s youth program. Be sure to “like” our Facebook page for regular updates and tips on how to be more active in the spring and prepare for the upcoming 5K. Our page will be a great resource regarding running topics such as proper shoes and clothing, nutrition, staying hydrated, smartphone applications and gadgets, core strength, and cross training.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our clinic at 715-263-4103 with any questions about direct access, scheduling appointments, wellness classes, how to register online for the Fastbreak 5K, and more. We look forward to continuing to serve the community and delivering excellent, personalized rehabilitation and wellness solutions for patients of all ages and backgrounds!