Rehab and Wellness Connection - October 2015
October is National Physical Therapy Month

October gives us many beautiful and fun things in our area; the colors, our football teams, watching our trick-or-treaters and National Physical Therapy month! Since 1992, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has been recognizing and celebrating the profession of physical therapy and the value and impact physical therapists bring to people's lives. Physical therapists are musculoskeletal pros - movement specialists! Physical therapists are healthcare providers who help people move better and feel better by using various treatment techniques. We are movement experts who specialize in helping you live your life to the fullest with the greatest amount of functional mobility. Physical therapy is a growing discipline within healthcare as we become a society more in-tune with staying well, aging well and being more proactive about our own health and well-being. In fact, the APTA has created a vision statement called "Vision 2020", which states that by 2020, physical therapy services will be provided by physical therapists that are trained at the doctorate level.

Wisconsin residents are also very fortunate to have direct access to physical therapy. This gives you the ability to receive services without a physician's referral. However, the staff at Clear Lake Physical Therapy has built excellent working relationships with the medical community which means together we will provide the best plan of care for our patients.

Physical therapists evaluate and treat people across their lifespan. From infancy on through adulthood, physical therapy can help with mobility, pain from injuries and strengthening. The 2015 National PT Month theme is "Age Well". Exercise and movement can act as your personal "fountain of youth" and keep you active! Below are some tips the APTA is offering during the 2015 "Age Well" PT Month campaign.

  • Chronic pain doesn't have to be the boss of you
  • You CAN get stronger when you're older (improvements in strength and physical function are possible in your 60's, 70's and even 80's with an appropriate exercise program)
  • You may not need surgery or drugs for low back pain (there is a wealth of scientific evidence demonstrating that physical therapy can be an effective alternative)
  • You can lower your risk of diabetes with exercise
  • Exercise can help you avoid falls and keep your independence
  • Your bones want you to exercise!
  • Your heart wants you to exercise!
  • Your brain wants you to exercise!  People who are physically active - even later in life- are less likely to develop memory problems or Alzheimer's disease.

If you would like any further information about physical therapy and the benefits and value it can offer in your life, please stop in or give us a call at Clear Lake Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists - 417 3rd Avenue - Clear Lake (715) 263-4103.